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3 satiating summer product lines

If you subscribe to a gluten-free diet, I’d like to introduce you to Pereg’s line up of almond, banana, buckwheat, chickpea, quinoa and coconut flours. Although I don’t have any sensitivities to gluten, I’m always in for an alternative baking flour and was thus intrigued by my sample of banana flour. Interestingly enough, the folks at Pereg suggest that the properties of banana flour work similarly to those of traditional wheat flour, except even less banana flour is required. The result: an earthy wholesome flavor with a fluffy texture for your baked goods, according to Pereg. Or, if you make the chocolate-banana bread recipe on the back of the banana flour bag, you’ll have a chocolatey, delicious treat you can eat 10 times more of in one sitting … because it’s healthier – okay, I made that last part up. I passed my coconut flour sample to friend Liz, who does happen to have a sensitivity to gluten. She also had great results with the coconut flour biscuit recipe on the back of her bag. I bet those biscuits would go amazingly well with a little ghee melted on top!


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