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Oat milk is getting all the attention these days, but oat flour deserves a bit of hype for its wide range of applications from baking to breading. Perfect for adding a toasty oat flavor to cookies and pancakes. It works wonderfully in savory as well as sweet recipes. Gluten Free, GMO-Free, Vegan, Kosher
100% Oat Flour (Gluten Free)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Gail OConnor
Great for Passover

This is the second year that we’ve used banana flour for passover baking. It makes for a great banana bread and banana muffins. Next year I’ll try the cassava based on the other Passover review. The banana flour has a rich mess to it that I question whether it will overpower non banana based recipes.

DC. T.
Great healthy alternative

I can't believe it for this flour to be so healthy I was able to fry and bake with it and everything turned out great 👍🏼

Judy Shampanier
Great for Passover

Last year was the first year that I used cassava flour for Passover. In the past, I used a mixture of almond flour and matzo meal, which I then improved a few years ago when I found quinoa flour (also Pereg). But then when I found the cassava flour, I hit the home run. I am a HUGE fan of gluten, and bake all of the time using gluten-containing flours. So when I say that my almond flour/cassava flour baked goods last Passover were great, this is coming from someone who is not gluten-free. This Passover, I will make the NYT tahini chocolate chip cookies, my normal King Arthur Flour chewy brownies, banana bread, and my Martha Stewart one-bowl chocolate cake and my family will not have grounds for complaining about Passover!

Use cassava flour as a substitute for tapioca :)

I've been using my cassava flour to make a simple vegan cheese recipe. It works perfectly to thicken the sauce and give it that bouncy, nacho-cheesy texture. So smooth and blendable!

So good but hard to find

I followed the recipe on the back for a gluten free banana cake ( although I also added 2 bananas ). The flour is awesome , smooth and bakes nicely , delicious and totally gluten free... def recommend it and would love to have it back in stock !