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KITCHEN GOURMET – Pereg Natural Foods Now Offers Gluten-Free Quinoa Pasta

Jun 03, 2017
Pereg Natural Foods, a family-owned company that specializes in ancient grains and spices, is proud to carry the only quinoa pasta on the market made of 100 percent quinoa flour. While some pastas labeled as quinoa are made mostly from corn, rice or soy; Pereg Natural Foods’ quinoa pasta is made purely of whole grain quinoa flour, pasteurized egg whites, and starch.

Offering a healthy and tasty alternative to traditional durum wheat pasta, Pereg’s quinoa pasta contains all nine essential amino acids, is high in fiber (5mg per serving), a great source of protein (8g per serving), and has only 210 calories and 40g total carbs per serving. Available in spaghetti, curvo – rigate and fusilli, each variety is certified gluten free, OU Kosher certified, and completely free of preservatives, MSG and GMO’s.

Pereg does in-house testing on every gluten-free production and has a food safety program set up to prevent allergen contamination through proper cleaning of machinery. The Gluten Free Labs certification reflected in the seal shown on their website, is a third party service that tests the company’s facility.

The pasta is easy to prepare, taking only six minutes to cook once the water boils, and has a unique talent of taking on the flavor of the dish being created. Pereg’s quinoa pasta is available for purchase at select retailers across the country and online at www.pereg-gourmet.com.

Pereg was established in 1906, and is based in Clifton, NJ. They first became known for their vast variety of pure and natural spices and spice blends, more than 60 in all, from traditional favorites to exotics from around the culinary world.

Today Pereg produces an array of all-natural products that includes ancient grains and ancient grain blends, gluten free pasta and cereal, a line of gluten-free flours, as well as couscous and quinoa in plain and blended varieties.

Pereg manufactures all its products from start to finish, controlling the quality from the sourcing until the product is packed and ready for the consumer. All Pereg products are kosher certified by both the Orthodox Union (OU) and CRC, are dairy and lactose-free as well as all natural, with no additives or preservatives. Many products are also certified gluten-free and non-GMO. All of the brand’s offerings are 100% pure, fresh and natural and never include any additives, preservatives, fillers, MSG, or food coloring.

Pereg Natural Foods products are available at select retailers throughout the US and Canada, and on their website, www.pereg-gourmet.com. Follow Pereg Natural Foods on Facebook.com/peregnatural, Twitter @pereggourmet and Instagram @peregnatural.

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