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Quinoa Collection

All Pereg Quinoa is pre-washed to bring the best flavors to your table. All our gluten-free mixes are made with the finest quality ingredients for a quick, easy, & healthy side-dish. These mixes are vegan, non-GMO, kosher, and quinoa is 100% whole grain. A great source of fiber and complete protein. Just add water and boil to enjoy these in under 25 minutes.

Quinoa 6 Pack Combo
Quinoa 3 Pack Combo
?variant=32092607709271 Quinoa Flakes - Original
?variant=31976703393879 Quinoa Ginger & Sesame
?variant=31976706572375 Quinoa Lentils
?variant=39705144787116 Quinoa - Mushrooms Canister
?variant=39705285722284 Tri-Color Quinoa
Quinoa - All Italiana Box
?variant=39705295126700 White Quinoa
?variant=39705277694124 Red Quinoa
?variant=39705258393772 Quinoa - Nuts & Berries Canister
?variant=39705247056044 Quinoa - Roasted Garlic Canister
?variant=39705231655084 Quinoa - Whole Grain Canister
?variant=39705213960364 Quinoa - Vegetables Canister
?variant=39705198035116 Quinoa - Tri-Color Canister
?variant=39705180569772 Quinoa - Spinach Canister
?variant=39705167855788 Quinoa - Southern Smoked Canister
?variant=39705156059308 Quinoa - Red Grain Canister
?variant=39705128140972 Quinoa - Lemon & Herbs Canister
?variant=39705118769324 Quinoa - All Italiana Canister
Quinoa - Nuts & Berries Box
Quinoa - Roasted Garlic Box
Quinoa - Whole Grain Box
Quinoa - Vegetables Box
Quinoa - Tri-Color Box
Quinoa - Spinach Box
Quinoa - Southern Smoked Box
Quinoa - Red Grain Box
Quinoa - Mushrooms Box
Quinoa - Lemon & Herbs Box
Kañiwa - Baby Quinoa Box
Kañiwa - Baby Quinoa Bag