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Mixed Spices - Falafel

Mixed Spices - Falafel


4.2 oz

Our Falafel Seasoning contains all the spices needed for adding a perk in your falafel dough. The falafel spice mix is a convenient and easy way to add all the flavors needed for your falafels in one container! It's an easy way to make your dish delicious. We have blended the spices in such a manner that this pungent and spicy flavor is perfect to bring out the best in your vegetable or meat dishes; beyond chickpeas this mix is perfect for seasoning potatoes, eggs, meatloaf, cauliflower & more. Bring the Mediterranean falafel flavors to your meals - add it in falafel dough or simply sprinkle on your sandwiches.

Garlic, Cumin, Coriander
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