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Paprika - Smoked

Paprika - Smoked


5.3 oz
Smoked Red Paprika The fresh red pepper is rich in Vitamin C and increases blood circulation. Rich and complex with smoky overtones, this paprika is the foundation for many Spanish dishes. Use this paprika to develop rich flavors on meat and seafood dishes.
This gourmet quality paprika is far superior to the bland Hungarian or Domestic varieties available at your local supermarket. The Fresh pods from the mild Nora Pepper are smoked over oak logs to develop the flavors. This technique brings out different aspects of the peppers complex flavor, thus we suggest trying out at least two different varieties in your cooking. Peppers smoked over an oak fire develop into a rich and complex palate which is much more powerful and pronounced than in our sun-dried varieties.

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Cooking Instructions
We suggest Sweet and Hot Varieties for sauces, vegetables, fish, eggs, and French Fries. We suggest the Bittersweet and Smoked varieties for Paella, Fabada, beef, lamb, or for use on the grill.
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