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Grains Collection

Aromatic Rice, Ancient Grains, & Heirloom Beans
The base for any meal can start right here, with one of our fantastic grains or beans. Each variety offers unique texture, flavor, and nutritional benefits to satisfy your body and taste buds. Our whole grains are Whole Grain Council Certified, recognized for a healthful part of any diet, offering more than just a delicious source of fiber. All our products are non-GMO, vegan, and kosher certified, many of the items below are also naturally gluten-free. 
Grains, Rice & Cereal
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Teff is higher in protein than wheat and a great source of iron, calcium, and amino acids. This ancient grain has a pleasantly sweet nutty flavor, and the small size makes it easy to digest. The whole teff can be toasted and used to add a little crunch to salads or muffins; boiled teff can be prepared with milk or water for a sweet porridge or spice up for a side dish.

Freekeh is young green wheat that is roasted to bring out the flavor and cracked into smaller pieces for quicker cooking time. Enjoy this grain as a pilaf or base for casseroles, it’s sure to easily elevate any meal.

Lentils are a delicious source of fiber and protein. The color varieties bring different textures to your dishes – Orange Lentils can almost dissolve into a soup for a creamy base that also works perfectly in hummus; Green Lentils are a fantastic base for curry or veggie burgers; French Lentils (Le Puy style) have a green mottled surface and al dente texture that makes a great addition to salads or grain bowl; after cooking Black Lentils keep their deep color that’s sure to excite any plate, it’s understandable why they’ve been compared to beluga caviar.