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Best for Pastry Flour

16 oz

This low protein flour is perfect for flakey pastries. With a lower gluten content than other wheat flours, this soft pastry flour is ideal for thin layered baked-goods. It's the perfect choice to grab when you're looking to give your goodies structure and texture, so they don't fall apart, while also keeping them tender.

Pereg's Pastry flour is processed to a finer texture compared to all-purpose flour and using soft wheat that naturally has a low protein content. This is sure to make your baked goods with a lighter, flakier, and delicate texture. This pastry flour will be your secret to tender pastries, flaky puff, golden-brown pie crusts and crisp cookies. This versatile flour can be used for anything in baking - right from pie crusts, cookies and scones to brownies, cakes, and more!

YOUR SECRET TO BAKING FLAKY LAYERED TREATS: The results you will get by using our pastry flour, would be very different from what you get from all-purpose flour. The naturally low-protein content of our pastry flour makes sure your baked goods are always lighter, flakier, and tender. 

100% Soft Wheat Flour (Contains Wheat)

MULTI-PURPOSE: Ideal for any recipe where tenderness is the goal, our pastry flour is softer and substitutes well for all-purpose flour. Ideal for pie crust, croissants, rugelach, babka, cookies, flaky pastries, puffs and other similar baked goods.

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