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Zero Calorie Sweetener


14 oz

Our zero-calorie sweetener is pure erythritol, which is a natural sugar substitute that offers numerous benefits for those looking to reduce their sugar intake. As a zero-calorie sugar alcohol, it is the perfect sweetener for those on a low-carb, keto, or diabetic diet. It can be used as a one-to-one replacement for sugar in most recipes, making it an easy and convenient way to reduce sugar in your diet. 

Additionally, it is non-glycemic, which means it does not raise blood sugar levels, and it is non-cariogenic, which means it does not promote tooth decay.

This versatile sweetener can be used in a variety of applications, including baking, cooking, and as a sweetener for coffee and tea. Its granulated texture makes it the perfect sugar replacement in recipes for jams, jellies, and other preserves. Moreover, it can also be used to make no-bake desserts such as cheesecake, puddings and ice cream.

Erythritol is a versatile, natural sugar substitute that can help you reduce sugar & calories in your diet.

100% Erythritol (Gluten Free)
Add Eryhtritol to food, baked goods and beverages just as you would sugar. Erythritol has about 70% of the intensity of sugar, so adjust your measurements accordingly.
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