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Farro Flour

16 oz

Our farro flour is multi-purpose flour made from whole ground farro wheat, which is rich in protein and fiber and it's the easiest way to fill your plate and your stomach is with a serving of whole-grain food. Farro grain is one of the best, most alkaline sources of nutrition you can eat. The beauty of using farro versus other wheat-grains is its heartiness and slight nutty flavor. It's a variety of wheat savored for its rich texture and mild flavor. You can make number of dishes using farro flour as you can use it in baking or some yummy pastas or bread recipes.


100% Farro Flour (contains gluten)

Enjoy using Farro Flour in any recipe that calls for wheat flour, all-purpose flour, or other multi-purpose flours. It performs wonderfully in cookies, muffins, breads, as well as dredging/ coatings on protein or veggies before (air)frying. 

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Customer Reviews

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Lynceta Esther Moreno - Givens
Just like real bread!

My husband bought me the banana flour and I made the chocolate banana bread. It was so good that even my gluten eating family couldn't tell. It was so good. I see further innovations for this one recipe to really send it over the top.

Thank you.
Mrs. G.