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Coriander - Ground

4.2 oz
Coriander seeds have a fragrant, citrusy flavor that makes a delicious seasoning for roasted root vegetables, grilled meat, or fish. Ground coriander spice pairs wonderfully with garlic, turmeric, and black pepper. You can use 3/4 tsp of ground coriander in place of 1 tsp of whole coriander seeds.

Some refer to these ground seeds as "coriander," others call them "cilantro." Both the seeds and leaves from the same plant are used as seasonings in many cuisines. It can sometimes lead to some confusion, but either one you use will make for a delicious dish. Hopefully, that wasn't too confusing; this is a jar of ground coriander seeds.

If you're looking for cilantro leaves seeds, you can find them here.
100% Coriander Seeds
The perfect seasoning for rice, curry, or roasted vegetables. Fantastic spice for red meat.
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