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Luisa, also called Lemon Verbena, is a dried herb that can be steeped into tea or season your dishes.

Create a light vinaigrette with luisa for a vibrant salad dressing.

The lemony notes of luisa pair perfectly with potatoes — crumple up some luisa leaves into olive oil and toss in diced potatoes before roasting. 

For a divine dessert that will be sure to impress turn some lusia levels into a fragrant caramel sauce. Swirlingluisa leaves into the warm butter & milk before combining with the melted sugar. The bright floral notes of the luisa transform a standard caramel sauce into a delectable topping drizzled over a tart apple or vanilla ice cream.

100% Luisa
A great addition to vegatable salads & stews. Brew into a delicious tea.
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